Break the ceiling touch the sky® 365

Break the ceiling touch the sky 365 builds on the inspirational success of Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women, providing Corporates and individuals the opportunity to continue their learning and development journey face to face learning from some of the greatest trainers in business today. House of Rose Professional® partners with the top business leaders as trainers to support the development of your leaders. Each of the trainers is a highly success business leader with a minimum of 20 years work experience across the world’s greatest brands including Walmart, P&G, GSK, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Hasbro, BP, etc.

Managing People’s Careers

Often Companies focus disproportionately on business results and neglect building organisational capability and careers.  This half day program focuses on successful approaches adopted by MNCs to develop the brightest and best talent. Run by a former GM.

Finance for General Managers

This is a half day session which  quick tips on the most important aspects of Finance that a GM should be aware of (even if he has an outstanding finance manager!).  Specially relevant for GMs that come from non-finance backgrounds such as Marketing or Sales.

Executive communications

How a Company is represented externally or internally isof critical importance. This one day program prepares Company executives to best represent and communicate as an ambassador for the Company. Ideal for Director level leaders aspiring to the C-Suite.

M&A: Integrating Effectively

M&A is an integral part of many successful corporations, yet no two organizations have the same culture – even if they are incorporated in the same country.   This module shares  insights on what works andwhat doesn’t to ensure that the results of integration  exceed objective.

Customer Leadership

A masterclass in building, maintaining and growing relationships with your customers in a new era of multi-media retailing. Are you up to speed with the future of retail. This is for sales leaders wishing to get their skills of selling in to big retail to the next level.

Building and Leading Teams

The move from personal contribution to contribution via teams is a big step for any leader to make. This one day workshop focuses on the secrets of building and leading great teams from a global executive of one of the world’s most successful Companies.