Influencer Marketing Strategy

In 2004, caught in a maze of competitive brands all shouting the same messaging and using similar visuals, Pantene was lacking an emotional connection with consumers in North America. As external Relations leader for North America Haircare at the time, Anthony led the team that developed the “Beauty Icon” strategy for Pantene and subsequently the Pantene Beautiful Lengths cause marketing campaign which encouraged consumers to grow their hair, cut it and donate it to create wigs for women who suffered from cancer. The campaign touched consumers across America, reiterated the equity of the brand and helped propel Pantene to leadership share in North America. By 2014 over half a million women have benefited from the wig donations.

As leader of P&G’s global Influencer Marketing (IM) Center of Excellence, Anthony crafted the “Future of Influencer Marketing” work for P&G in 2005/06 and supported the creation of the global IM frameworks of a number of P&G’s billion dollar brands.