Özlem Fidancı

CEO Philips Middle East & Turkey


Özlem joined Philips in 1998 and has been integrally involved in driving the growth of the company. Her initial role at Philips was Marketing Manager for Philips Turkey Domestic Appliances and Personal Care Division, from 1998 to 2005. In 2005, Özlem assumed the role of General Manager, Philips Household Appliances, and Personal Care Products Group. In 2008 she
took the leading role in merging Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances & Personal Care
organizations of Philips and has become the General Manager for the merger called Consumer
Lifestyle Turkey

In 2010, Özlem became the Head of Marketing and Strategy in Philips Emerging Markets in
Singapore where she played an important role in building the strategic and winning plans in
wide range of Emerging markets from China to Brazil, before being appointed Vice President and
General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) in 2011
based in Dubai.

Following a strong career in the Consumer and Personal Health businesses in Philips, Özlem was
appointed as Senior Vice President and General Manager Philips Health Systems MET (Middle
East & Turkey) as of Feb 2015. She has changed her scope from “consumer focus” to cover the
entire Health Systems in B2B area. In this role her mission was to bring “patient centric”
approach and integrated healthcare solutions to drive the costs down for the healthcare
providers while improving the access to healthcare by bigger population groups.
Özlem was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Philips Middle East and Turkey as of January

Prior to joining Philips, Özlem held several commercial and management roles in Tetra Pak prior
to joining PHILIPS between the years 1991-1998.
Özlem holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Boğaziçi University in Turkey.
Fidanci is married and with one son and enjoys painting and sailing in her free time.